A Coat Closet

TwoEllie.4.17.14 (6 of 11).jpg

As you can see I finally picked up our good camera to snap a few pics around the house, so I figured this week could be dedicated to house updates. I know I mentioned the purge before, but had yet to share since a bunch of now empty drawers and baskets are anticlimactic. There are a few spaces that leave me feeling happy though. I already shared the entry earlier this week and today I thought I would share the hall closet. As for the before just imagine a heaping mess. It's where I stuck items that I had no idea what to do with. I thought it was prime time to actually have it serve it's purpose as a coat closet. I mean it's only been six years. Now when it's open it doesn't make my head spin and having a spot for everything makes the kiddos more inclined to use it. The basket on the door is for winter hats and gloves. The bottom basket is for ball caps. I also now keep my tall boots and Ellie's riding gear in here leaving the entry more organized. The best part is that I already owned all the organizational items. A free project is always the best project.