The Entry Way

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If you can recall I mentioned a BIG purge throughout the house. It has been freeing in so many ways. Before the purge I made a board with ideas for more storage for this space, but after the purge I decided we no longer needed it. The lamp I found just didn't feel right in the space so back it went even though I did love it. The basket is mostly empty too! Has the kids balls that they use outside and that's all. As for the tabletop the art remained, a plant was relocated here for some added life, the small box holds keys, and a every entry needs a good smelling candle. As for everything else it was either moved or put into the sell/giveaway pile. I rather like the simplier look and it makes dusting so much easier. I also laid the Flor tiles and I am smitten with them. It really hides the dirt which surprised me since it is such a light color. The light fixture has been needing to be hung for over a year now. It's missing the little dohicky that screws it to the ceiling. I am determined to get it hung this month though! I bought it from Tammy Connor at a local show. It is her custom design and I instanlty fell head over heels for it.