The Mr has decided to go paleo with me for the month. Granted our dinners lean that way anyhow, but his lunches, snacks and desserts are far from it. The only problem is that he is WAY picky when it comes to food. Salads sicken him, most fruits and vegetables are off the table, and I even have to be careful with the way I season meat. I tend to think his eating style is boring and he simply thinks its delicious. HA. All this to say the Mr needed a snack option that was more than an apple or almond butter in order to make this journey with me. When I came across Against All Grains granola I knew if I simply left out the raisins it would be a win. It's a long process, but in the end a yummy one. I currently have another batch of nuts soaking to make more. I am even pondering buying a dehydrater, but not sure where I would store it. Maybe one day though!

Have I mentioned how much I love this cookbook! It's been such a lifesaver for me.