Entry Way Updates {pondering}

I have been pondering an entry way update for some time. Although I still love the way it looks it needs to function more. Having an open piece of furniture and the "cubbies" right by each other tends to leave quite the mess especially since we are heavy into sports now. It always looks messy and that's not what I need upon walking in the front door. I simply have run out of storage space for things we actually use the like board games and the like. The "hat" basket is overflowing mostly with things I have no idea where to put. I would love to add closed storage here. I am thinking these inexpensive dressers would do the trick. Maybe one or two, I need to ponder more really. I found a similar lamp at homegoods yesterday and pretty much fell in love with it. I love the organic feel it has. I would keep the current mirror and leaning frames and add some greenery. My home really is becoming over run with plants. The basket would become a place for sports equipment ONLY. I also went ahead and bought a flor rug. Every rug I have put there gets caught under the door and drives us nuts, but the amount of filth that is tracked inside also drives me nuts. Today they are offering a 25% off discount and I only needed a few tiles so I finally bit the bullet. It has been on my wish list for sometime. The updates are really simple and I think would serve us well. Plus it would give the kids even more surface to display their lego creations which in this house is a must.