Comfort Always

I have found a trend in the way I dress. It's simple really, I like to be comfortable. I can't wear tops that need to be shifted or bound with a belt. My pants have to move with me and not be tugged on. There used to be days that I would rather be highly uncomfortable and be on trend, but the older I get the less I care about those things. Yes, most days I find myself wearing leggings and a long tunic, but every once in awhile I feel like mixing it up. I have been loving the boyfriend jean look, but every pair I try on seem to swallow me whole and look more silly than anything else. I had a pair in high school that were amazing, but bodies change. These I found are considered skinny jeans according to the tag, but I found them to be considerably soft and not tight at all. They had the relaxed look and feel I wanted. I know these will now be on constant repeat through spring and beyond. I came across them at Nordstrom Rack and cannot find them online for sale for the life of me, but here's the link if you happen to have your own Nordstrom Rack nearby. Apparently I got mine for a steal after viewing prices on line. YAY me!

three alternatives for the jeans high & low-ish: ONE, TWO, THREE

terry top

shoes {bought awhile ago at Nordstrom Rack} these and these are similar. Love these too although they have a different feel. Shoe trends are okay with me especially when I saw them pass the first few times around. HA!