This & That

Yesterdays work from home day went swimmingly! Okay so at first it was a rocky start. KJ has some sort of learning disability that we are having him tested for when he turns the required 7 which is next week. It has been a hard year school wise. He had yet to pass a spelling or phonics test and and can't read much at all and that is with hours of studying. Well, as I was about to give up yesterday I had a moment where I thought if I wrote all his test words on a post it and then read them out loud could he put them in order. He can!!! Huge victory. I then took them out for lunch and ice cream to celebrate and as we were sitting there he starts to spell out ALL his spelling words one by one orally. I in turn started jumping up and down and crying and basically making a fool out of myself, but I just could not contain my joy! I praise the Lord for His insight and FINALLY finding something that just may work for KJ. We needed a glimmer of hope and even though I know this is not a cure all at least it gives me the courage to press on.


The work out clothes I wrote about the other day came in and I am in love!!! They are of good quality and the leggings were thick which I LOVE. Even the white top is not see thru. The prices really can't be beat in my opinion.

My addiction to stool like side tables is going strong. Thinking of adding this one as a plant stand or maybe this one. EEK, can't decide.

Tiffany posted a business casual look that I love. Oh, and I took the pics which makes it extra fun. LOVED getting to shoot in a new location.

I saw this swimsuit at Target the other day, but they didn't have my size in stock. Thought it was cute though!

Remember my hollow core door DIY? Well I LOVE what Amber did with hers. It makes it perfect for indoors and is so very budget friendly. Mine may be getting a make over now.

So this straightener went on a 24 hour flash sale. If you click on the flash sale tab at the top of their site and scroll down it will pop up. It ends at 2:00pm central standard time. I also used a code REWARDS25 for another $25.00 off. I have been borrowing my sisters and LOVE it. It will now match my beloved blow dryer.

One thing I love about blogging is the connection I've made with other bloggers over the years. I am uber excited about Bryn's new baby and went completely gah-gah over her nursery sneak peak. See what I did there?