A Gift for Me


I bought myself a gift yesterday. After searching for months for any sort of deal on this thing I came across a refurbished deal at a fraction of the cost. It still isn't the cheapest, but the amount of outside debris that gets tracked into this house and the way our dog is shedding I think it will make life easier or at the very least cleaning easier. I bought our big dyson as a refurbish and have had it for years, but it is not good for a quick cleaning and can get heavy on the new stairs. I am giddy! Can't wait for it to arrive!

*KJ had a Christmas wish list update that he insisted if he only got this he would be thrilled so I thought I would share if any of you were stumped. A neighborhood kid has one and he is in love. What is this mystical thing you ask... an electric scooter. I've seen him handle it with ease so I'm not too worried, but helmets will be a must that's for sure.