A Few Favorites...

Signing off for the week to enjoy a little family time while the kiddos are home. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Of Course I can't leave you all with sharing a few favorites!

- This cake is delicious and oh so perfect for the holidays. Ellie has it on her baking list already. It was part of the shoot I did for Tiffany on behalf of Homegoods and she ever so kindly left it for the kiddos and Mr to indulge. 

- For myself I will be making this pumpkin pudding. My paleo needing self still needs a treat every so often and this cookbook always comes through!

- Still mulling over these words. I find myself often looking ahead and fearing missing today and Trinia could not have said it any better.

-still dreaming of New Years dressing. I think I will go with the first look!

- Dana's home all dressed up for Christmas feels ever so cheery. Makes me want to curl up with a cup of coffee and lounge a while. You know because that's not weird or anything. Also she shared a kitchen that has me ever so inspired for our own!