On my mind {new year dressing}

With Christmas being only a week away it has me thinking about the new year. I am so excited to ring in 2015 and see what it holds for us. Since we have had kids we tend to stay in to celebrate as a family although we normally ring in the New Year before the clock strikes midnight. This year though the kids are older and I feel like maybe just maybe they could hang and we could truly celebrate the ending of our challenging yet adventurous year and rejoice with the coming of the new. This then got me thinking about making it a little extra special. For us that normally means putting on a party dress, a bowtie for the boys of course, and dance so I think that is what we shall do. Here are a few outfits that may just be worthy of a night full of fun...

Simple yet Festive:

Who doesn't own a simple black top and black bottoms? Adding a statement necklace makes this outfit oh so fun and in my opinion quite chic. My favorite black jeans and the pant that I live in would do the trick.

image via:  Make Life Easier

image via: Make Life Easier

Classic Black:

Black is so timeless. It will forever be a favorite of mine.

On the Soft Side:

Wearing whites and softer colors in winter lends itself to the feeling of being a bit more sweet and ethereal. Add in some shine, a bit of texture or a whimsy silhouette to take it up a notch. Plus I know Ellie would think I looked like a snow queen so there is always that.

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

A Bit of Sparkle:

Now if I actually had somewhere to go then adding some sparkle would be a must. Who doesn't love to feel ever so glamorous every once in awhile and what a better time to do it than ringing in the New Year!

Image via  Glamamom

Image via Glamamom

*Just came across these and they may be my favorite! Sequin pants seem to be all the rage. Ha.