All About the Hair


This is me as natural as can be. After I posted I thought maybe I should do a little photoshop magic to help me look a little less tired, but I'm not perfect so there's that reality and I mine as well live in it. HA. I kid, mostly, I rarely wear makeup because I'm lazy when it comes to anything beauty so this is how you would more than likely see me out and about. Now my hair is another thing entirely. Yes, I am lazy in that department too, but once a week I try to make some sort of effort simply because I like pretty hair. It helps me fell less of a mess. Thought I would share my process. Once a week I wash it with my favorite Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner, brush it out with a little spray of this, and then use this from about the ears down throughout. Every once in awhile I use this blowdryer and it really is the fastest thing around, but my hair is very dry so I try to save it from getting brittle the best I can. Most days I just go to bed with it damp and in the morning use this most amazing flat iron. It takes me maybe 5 minutes and I have really thick long hair. I do small sections at a time and try to do only one pass. The flat iron truly was worth the splurge in my opinion for the time it saves and how well it actually works. On the left is my natural somewhat curly, wavy, straight, frizzy mess and the the right is after a quick pass of the flat iron. Having decent hair just makes me happy. Now if I could just learn how to style it.

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