I feel as if you can never go wrong with a gift for the home, or in our case office, for just about anyone on your list as long as you can remember to keep in personal. I also feel as if it is a gift that can be quite budget friendly without loosing quality or meaning. Some of my favorite gifts over the years are pieces that when I look at them I can remember a  moment with someone. I guess I am all sentimental like that.

{1} mirror tray: perfect for a friend, sister, mother, etc. Who doesn't love a little sparkle in their life. This piece can do double duty as a piece over the mantel or add to a beautiful table scape.

{2} a piece of home: This one is perfect for Alabama, but etsy has a never ending supply for other states too. Plus supporting a local artist is always fine by me.

{3} a candle: this one is a personal favorite. Every time I light a candle it can quickly make me think of the friend who gifted it to me. Another sweet idea would be adding one to a basket with other items that the recipient would like such as bath salts, pretty paper, favorite treat, etc. The later would also make for a great teachers gift, but I may find myself hitting the local Homegoods to see what I could find}.

{4} a frame: this one would be good for both a female and male. Add a picture of the kids, yourself, or a furry friend and it's sure to a win. {image via studiomcgee}

{5} bookends: aren't these gorgeous? Even better in person really. Add a favorite book to the package and the gift becomes not only pretty, but also personal. To be honest I wouldn't mind having these for myself!

{6} an ornament: This one would make a pretty addition to a tree or even add it to a simple wreath and it makes quite a show stopper.

{7} a mini watering can: This one I had with me and my mother in mind. Watering my indoor plants with this would make a chore into something quite special.

{8} prints: This one I got for the Mr last year and we change out the images over the rest of the year. He keeps it in his office. I wouldn't mind having one for home too. The quality is amazing. I even think the kids would like this one.