The living room {it's coming together}

The living room is pulling together slowly, but surely. I still have a new rug addition to share that fits the space and my style more. Most items are reused from our old home just used in a new way.

The wicker chair is one of two that came from our dining room. At first I did not think we could fit a seat here, but after placing it here to get it out of out current dining room it seems to fit well. Extra seating is always a plus too. I also like that is sort of creates an entry way of sorts.

We still need window covers of some sort, but I have yet to bite the bullet on any. At first I thought we would keep the door window bare, but after too many close calls with visitors and not everyone being great a shutting the bathroom door it makes it a must. HA.

I added a simple pumpkin as our fall decor this year. I am trying my hardest to get everything settled in this house by the end of November so pulling out Christmas decor won't add to the chaos or send me into a tail spin over clutter. I have issues.  The horn cup holds my collection of feathers and this piece of art is still a favorite of mine.

Here is the view from the bathroom.

This wall always looked awkward to me for some reason. The whole room is pretty much off center, but after a good rummage through our boxes I came across these prints gifted to me years ago by Vana when she was cleaning out her studio. I had the frames from Target, really wish they still carried them, and used handmade paper that I had on hand to act as a filler for the too big mat. I rather like all the texture and depth it adds. I did buy new pillow covers to simplify my old patterned ones and the end tables are new too. They needed to be small, but big enough to hold lamps since this room has no over head lighting. Proportion was key and these came home as a win. Again I sill need window coverings. I keep on going between woven bamboo romans or a simple fabric roman. Both aren't cheap so I need to make the right decision and only make it once.