Taking the Plunge


I finally did it! After way too much debate I made the change to squarespace 7 from squarespace 5. In doing so I also gave this little blog a simple makeover. Partly because I had to and mostly because it's been years since I have made any changes. A lot has happened in our life since the last makeover and well it was just that time to make it happen. As I evolve so will this little ole blog. I am crossing my fingers that this is a good change for everyone. I may still need to work out some kinks and if you subscribe I have no idea if it will still work. Please let me know so I can try to fix it if not. I will be adding tags to my posts for easy searching and will add images of the rental house to the bar above as I get more done. Plus did you notice the little "like" heart at the bottom? It reminds me of instagram and well that sends me over the moon. Oh, and we have also been working on an update on our photography site! The old one was being hosted by a site that is retiring at the end of the year so sadly we had to start from scratch. In the end though it made for a much better way to display our art and that's always exciting! You can check that out here. Feedback is welcome for either site! It's so easy to overlook the obvious during redesigns.