The Entry

In this home we don't have a formal entry. The front door leads straight into the main living room. It's also not the door we use daily either.The door to the left is our bedroom and the front door is to the right. I know I have mentioned before that this house has wonky floors. It dips and rises in areas and this spot was the closest to being level which is what you need for a piano. I have rigged many pieces of furniture with lifts and books, but I would think it would affect the sound and the sheer weight of a piano would just make that impossible. So here she stands in all her beauty.

TWOELLIE.10.13.14 (1 of 24).JPG

It's the same piano we had in our old house. I simplified her accessories since we are the age were the kids are ready to actually take lessons.

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I was on the hunt for a pair of cesca chairs for our dining room. Our large wicker chairs just weren't functional size wise, but I did like the texture they brought into the room. I almost bit the bullet and got these from RH, but all the wood finishes were a tad darker than what I was really wanting. Right before making the purchase I hoped on craigslist and lo and behold someone was selling three for next to nothing. They are vintage and the caning is still in wonderful shape.

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The large piece of art I did long ago and the small one was done by a family member in the early part of the 1900's or late part of the 1800's, I can't seem to recall currently. I have been wanting it forever and for my last birthday my mother gifted it to me. It means the world to me.

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We obviously love hats. We needed a solution and this one seems to work. I had old peg hooks in my stash that I hung vertically and now they serve as a spot for our hats to rest rather than inevitably get destroyed. I love when something so practical and functional ends up being rather pretty.

get the look {all similiar to mine, but mine were bought long ago}:

peg hooks | sheep skin | cesca chairs | panama hat | vaseoption 1 | vase option 2 | wire basket | glass orbs large and small | gray plant pot |