Building a Room


I have a dear friend that recently moved into a new home. Let's just say the actual pulling it together may make her a bit faint. I had a few hours kill this week and had a chance to pull a couple of boards together and thought I would share. I know some of it is hard to read so I will give another run-down. Currently in the main living room they have this sofa and matching loveseat, a small white desk that sits to the right of the sofa with a computer and a small pine antique dresser that will serve as an entry table. the room is long and narrow with a door or window on almost every wall. They have three lively boys so the new additions have to be forgiving and not so precious that if it breaks hearts are broken. This is a budget board needless to say.


The sofa would sit along the only wall that doesn't have a door or window. It is also the wall you first see when walking in the front door. The current white desk is directly across from the front door and is actually the safest place to not be bumped. I would add a small gallery wall above it and a table lamp that will act as a barrier between the computer and the sofa that sits right next to it. I would add a large piece of art in a light wood frame. Very clean and very simple, but would be a great impact upon entry to the house. This photo was done by the Mr in NYC of the library which would be fitting for two teachers. I would add a few fun pillows in addition to a few of her current ones to both the sofa and loveseat. This would also bring in more of the blues that they love. I think this rug would be hard wearing and hide mess easily. The chair would be added to finish out the conversation area {the loveseat is on the wall to the left of the sofa} and would be placed to the right of sofa with two legs on the rug facing the loveseat. A tall lamp could either sit next to the sofa or loveseat, but both give added light and help draw the eye up a bit. I would also put to use the many baskets I know she has.The drum table also has added storage and I like how it would add another element to layer in.


The second board is pretty much the same except I swapped out the rug and chair. I like how the chair brings in a wood element and the rug is a bit more bold. In the first board the chair was more pricey and the rug budget friendly and in this board the chair was budget friendly and the rug more pricey. Of course they could go with both the budget friendly chair and rug.


rug 1 | rug 2 | pillows 1 & 2 | pillow 3 | drum table | tall lamp | table lamp | lamp shade | gallery wall | chair 1 | chair 2