Baby's on the Brain {not mine}

So I have officially lost my mind. My bestie is having another baby which is kind of like me having a baby without the morning sickness. The first time around we were both having babies around the same time so we were no help for each other unless we just needed a good cry. This time though I can be that friend who really gets to help and I could not be more thrilled. Plus since I can no longer have any more children I can easily live vicariously through her and still get good rest at night. Of course this now has me thinking BABY all the time. There really is so much good stuff out there now. It's probably good so many wonderful things did not exist when I was having my children. We could not have afforded it all then and I am sure I would have wanted to go overboard. Anyhow these would be my picks for my baby that's not really my baby and yes since my baby doesn't really exist an ivory rug makes perfect since. Oh, and my friend knows I am baby crushing big time and is perfectly okay with it. I am her hope for day time naps after all.

baby wrap | baby carrier | swaddle blanket {this is genius} | best blankets ever {my go to baby gift} | slippers | extra bedding | art | rocker {didn't have one when I had my babies, but might have been nice} | rug  | stroller/bassinet {it's amazing how stunning they are now}