13 minutes of sheer bliss {a review}

So I did what I thought I would never do... buy a really nice hair dryer. I am not a hair person. I like having good hair, I have hair crushes, but I am not one that is actually any good at doing it. Same with makeup, but that's another whole issue. Anyhow, my what I thought was a good dryer from Ulta died. I think I paid maybe around $45.00 for a couple of years ago. I then had to resort to using my dryer from college that I bought at discount at CVS. My sweet sister who often stays with us informed me recently that there are blow dryers that actually work and aren't crap. HA. After she bought this flat iron which I LOVED I went online to buy it too, but then came across this blow dryer and had an additional 25% off coupon code so I bit the bullet after reading glowing reviews. When it came I was amazed at the packaging. I had no plastic to dig through and twist ties to undo. It then came time to test this bad boy out. I have course wavy/straight/curly hair. It's so thick that my hairdresser asked me to start requesting two time slots when I want it styled. Not such a big deal since I get my hair cut only a once a year which I am trying to get better at. My sister also informed me I should have it cut every 8 weeks or so. I tend to wear my hair straight, because it is easiest. Not the easiest to actually do, but I only wash my hair once a week because it is that dry so wearing it straight keeps my do looking good longer. After a wash I normally wait about 30 min or so to air dry it a bit then blow dry it with a round brush. It goes pretty straight this way and often can forgo a straightener if I use my go to product. The actual blow drying takes at least 25 min on a really good day, but can easily take 35. Now to the new dryer... after a good wash and using my favorite product I blew dry my hair from being only towel dried so it was still rather wet. I used the nozzle which was new to me and used my same round brush. It took me only 13 minutes! I know it will be even shorter as I get more used to using the nozzle attachment. This is freeing for me!!! To be honest I would skip out on certain activities like swimming for the sheer fear of having to redo my hair. It is a pain to say the least and if I don't do something with it it becomes one big frizz ball. Maybe closer to summer I will invest in the straightener too. The humidity can be killer.

Hair Products I swear by:



to Detangle

to Prep

to Maintain my week and on occasion plus {please don't think I am gross}. I use this product even right after a blowout to gain volume. It's not the cheapest, but lasts forever. I only use a tiny bit each time. It even gives Ellie's fine hair a boost. I'm pretty much obsessed with it and I have tried tons of dry shampoos.

*by the way the 25% off code just popped up on the site's screen while I shopped. I assume it does that for everyone?

UPDATE: Ellie's 10 minute plus hair took only 3 minutes! Her's is fine and perfect.