Charleston {HUSK}

Yesterday as I sat and pulled photos that I wanted to blog I came out to a mere 50! Ha. After a second culling I decided that maybe this week we should just deem Charleston week. Of course I then had to decide which post to do first and quickly came to the conclusion that good food + architecture with a little family dabbled in would pretty much sum up all my joys into one. We spent three days in Charleston and can't wait to go back to explore some more. It was stunning. One of our favorite things to do as a family is walk, look at architecture, and eat well. All three things were easy to achieve here. We ate at Taco Boy twice, it was that good plus very gluten free friendly. When people heard we were heading to Charleston pretty much everyone mentioned HUSK. We got a lunch a reservation, which is all they had a month out. People were being turned away left and right. I now know why.

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HUSK is housed in a historic home that holds true to the Charleston style. The wait staff was beyond kind and was sure to provide enough options for me to eat and even the chef made changes to dishes so I could actually have a 100% safe meal AND dessert. The restaurant felt like you were dining with friends and we never felt hurried even though we were the only people with children. It had the atmosphere that lends itself to a leisurely meal to simply enjoy all they had to offer. If you follow me on Instagram you saw my shrimp and grits plate that was AMAZING to say the least.

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They do not have a kids menu, but our kids pretty much eat it all and Ellie actually loves to try anything that looks "fancy". KJ was a little nervous at first, but in the end could have had just the bread bowl with homemade butter and been quite happy.

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As I walked through Charleston I noticed quite a few of these bench rockers and was excited to see one up close at HUSK. I discovered they are OLD CHARLESTON JOGGLING BOARDS. I want one bad for our porch. The kids rode it like a see-saw but you can sit in the middle and it kind of just lulls you.

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We decided that in every city we wanted to have one family picture. People get so nervous when we ask them to take pictures with our camera. The Mr sets up the shot and tells them the two buttons to use and in the end you can tell people like the excitement of it all. It is sort of like a machine gun with a much better outcome. I kid, sort of. KJ for Christmas wanted a camera. We found this Nikon on a huge black Friday sale on-line and I recommend it 100%. I may even borrow it for blog posts here and there. He has an eye for photography. Ellie snapped both the picture of KJ and the first picture of us with the big camera and KJ snapped the last two with his {both with different edits}.  I think one day KELLEN JACOB PHOTOGRAPHY could become a brother/sister business rather than a husband/wife one.

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A horse drawn carriage was a common site in Charleston and our walk back from HUSK we happened to cross many of the carriage houses for the horses. Ellie and I kept an eye out to make sure they were properly cared for. At one one point I thought Ellie was going to make a break for it and try to give them all a cuddle.