On the Nightstand {good reads}

I love to read. It's an easy way for me to escape. A way for my mind to wander and for a bit lets me forget about the laundry that needs to be done and the work that needs to be accomplished. It almost gives me permission to be a tad lazy, because reading is good for us, right? These two are what I like to call easy reads. I finished them effortlessly and feel better for it. Shauna Niequist's book had me crying through the whole thing all the while laughing out loud which is hard for me to do. Her story, in which she shares, although hard is very common among women. I felt as if I was living these moments with her, but in reality I know its because I HAVE lived these moments before whether it was with myself or a friend. She even managed to spur my deep desire to cook again. Her book revolves around the truths of life and better yet the dinner table. She even shares recipes that are actually doable. We too have a dinner group that meets every week, we call it a small group in our church, but most of those days I leave it the Mr to grill something up or I make the exact same thing over and over. Maybe this week I will do something different! Amelia Lyons book was spot on. It's truly a story that spurs you forward toward a God given dream and purpose. How us women tend to want to do what's "right", but we may be getting it all wrong. How this can drive fear into us and a sense of falling. I know this feeling all too well. If you recall this past January I prayed through this with dedication and a need so deep it hurt. Prior to that I felt like I was in freefall. My simple life changed drastically when both KJ and Ellie went to school. This is simple for some, but for me it was earth shattering. I felt lost and wasn't sure what my role as a wife, mother, and woman of God was suppose to be in this new season of life. Needless to say I found quite a few things to keep me busy and maybe even a bit too busy. I am now finding the balance and the what is "right" for our life, but I no longer feel like I am falling. I am sure footed and moving forward. I constantly feel crazy and question it daily, but when God gave me an answer back in January I know it was the right one. All this to say Amelia's book Freefall to Fly embodies everything I felt, struggled with and feared. It was a good reminder on how far I have come and encouraged me to push forward to keep striving towards my God given purpose and to be okay with the change of every season. To not get caught up on the pretty that blogs, instagram, and magazines so easily impart, because somewhere out of frame is a mess that needs to be cleaned up and put back together.

All this to say I LOVE these books and they are a must read. To be honest I am sure I will be reading them both again before summer's end. Well, that will be when I get them back from lending them out.

Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist

Freefall to Fly by Rebekah Lyons