A Garden Party

This past weekend Ellie turned 8!!! It's hard for me believe that I have an eight year old. What in the world! Anyhow, every year the kiddos pick a theme and this year Ellie wanted vegetables. I see our garden tending is rubbing off on her positively. Yay! Here are a few snippets from her big day...

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I must say my favorite part of the whole party was ellie's cake. The Mr took on the task and he and KJ came up with this! I was rather impressed. I also hear it tasted amazing!!!

TwoEllie.7.28.13 (2 of 13).jpg

Throughout the house I made watering can bouquets with flowers, vegetables and herbs from the garden along with roses left over from a friend who is a florist. She sold them to me on the cheap. Talk about perfect timing!

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Of course, worms had to make an apperance. It was a vegetable garden party after all.

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I always try to include at least one fun activity for the kiddos to do. It keeps them busy and helps with keeping their rooms from being pulled apart bit by bit. We went with decorating pots to grow herbs. Loved getting to see everyone's personality really shine here. A few just splattered paint everywhere while others were meticulous to the very last detail.

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As everyone left they received dirt, seeds, and a gardening set to take home with them. The two babies of the group got tiny watering cans that were a tad safer.

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I must say I really lucked out when target marked all their summer gardening supplies down to 75% off. It enabled me to go a little above and beyond for take away gifts on our budget. I also found the water cans for the bouquets at Target too and again they were 75% off!  Thankfully everything we used to make this party a true gardening party we will be able to use years to come. I used a coupon for all the pots at Micheal's and they ended up being around a dollar a piece. Not too shabby.