Advice Please!

For my birthday, which is in August, my parents gifted me a pergola. My papa and I spent a week and built one that he designed. It's been quite some time since we had that much quality time together and I can honestly say that part was my favorite. Is it not gorgeous??? In a few month's it should become a more weathered gray like the fence.

Our backyard gets sun ALL day long. It's hot. This provides some protection now. YAY! Now I would LOVE some of your advice. I already bought string lights to hang, but my question is should I put a dining area here or more of a lounging space? I could easily see us using both. I keep on flip flopping on ideas so I thought you all could be of some help! The fire pit will be moved of course and I am playing around with the idea of stenciling the floor. Also the back door needs a good paint job once again. I don't mind this color, but am wondering if I should try something different, thoughts?

Oh, and here's and updated photo of all the limelights blooming. Next year it should be more of a full wall. Can't wait! We also plan on adding sod in the fall. We have so many barren spots. boo.