The Kitchen Garden {an update}

I have been wanting to do a kitchen garden update for some time. Instead of waiting any longer for me to pull out the good camera I decided to just snap some iPhone pics. With wedding season in full swing the last thing I want to do is edit personal pics. Ha. I am sure if you happen to follow me on instagram you can easily tell how much I LOVE having a garden. It's been a fun project for both the kiddos and I. It relaxes me to no end. It's even better since things actually came to life. In the back of my head I was afraid that it simply would not work. Our garden is organic and gmo free. I have had to battle bunnies and bugs. Sometimes they win and sometimes I do.


These are either zucchini or cumber. I am still learning along the way needless to say. The lettuce flowered and became bitter. Had no idea that would happen. Again learning as I go. Will most definitely try lettuce again when it cools off. Apparently it's more of a cool weather plant not an Alabama heat kind of one.


I added zinnias for cutting and to draw bee's for pollination and to help keep bad bugs at bay. I had no idea they would do so well! The more you cut the more they come back.


The okra came in with abundance. The kiddos absolutely adore picking new finds and even trying everything that they have grown.


These were a surprise to me. I never planted sunflowers, but yet here they are!


The watermelon may be what I am most excited about. One now has a big old black spot on it. Heart breaking really. Any of you know of a good way to keep pests at bay organically?


This is from yesterdays bounty. Yum! It makes me want to add more beds, but alas we have a small yard and it's filling quickly.


You can see the start of the garden here.