How does my Garden Grow {an update}


As the kiddos played outdoors the other day and as the storms rolled in I grabbed a few iPhone pics of the progress that has been made in our yard. May not look like much, but it has made leaps and bounds! Ha. The veggie beds are doing great. They are completely organic and GMO free. Most started from seed minus the center tomato plants and the strawberries hence why they aren't huge as of yet. I am sure a healthy dose of Miracle Grow would do wonders, but alas that would defeat the purpose. To the left of the patio I planted more limelight hydrangeas to make a full hedge. They grow so quickly I know next year this will make such an impact. A few things left on my list to do is to stain the play set a dark black/green, add sod to all the missing places, and make a grilling station for the Mr. My sweet papa is also going to head up making a pergola over the patio for some shade. Can't wait to cover it in vines. My initial thought is Jasmine for it's evergreen tendancy's, but wisteria could be quite a show-stopper too.

TIDBIT: I bought the coil hoses at Target, but have this one on my radar. With so much everyday use the ends have already started to kink and this one has GREAT reviews. The coil has been a life changer this season. Not sure why it took me so long to convert.