Adding to the Resume

I love to shoot weddings, I love to shoot details, I love to shoot people and last week I learned that I love to shoot pets. Ha. I was doing a friends maternity shoot and these two are what we will call their first babies. They are as sweet as can be. So YES, I think I will add pet photographer to my resume too.

*So sorry for the absence last week. We have all been fighting off a bought of something. The bombing didn't help matters either. Not sure if whatever this is or it is making me feel worse. I grew up outside of Boston and I still consider it my home town. Have family there and they were affected greatly as most Bostonian's were. Just awful. This past weekend the Mr made a valiant effort to give us a fun family weekend. He had a shoot out of town so we went with and spent a night out of town. It was the time we needed for a recharge. I can not even tell you how grateful I am to have him and the babies in my life. Words simply would not suffice.