4 Things {shoes}

If I were in a spot where shopping was doable then these would be on my list. With every season change I find a new need to buy a pair. Not this year though! This year I am pairing down. Anyhow, I thought I would share just incase you all were in a shopping mood. Ha.

1. I own one's that are similar to these. I wear them with dresses, jeans and my jcrew minnie's. They read like a classic to me.

2. I may never tire of a good t-strap sandal. Shorts, skinny's and dresses make these very versatile. Sometimes simple is just better.

3. I love a good wedge. I especially love one's that look like this! I love the rich leather mixed with the wood heel. I think these would be great for my petite self. The way the ankle strap dips down in the center wouldn't cut off my leg at a funny spot and help elongate the leg rather than make it look stumpy. I need as much help as I can in the height department!

4. A zipper back shoe is one on my faves. They stay in place well especially when I need to be fast paced like days at the park with the kiddos or while shooting a wedding. The little wedge I am sure would be kind to my back too. These would cut my leg off at the funny spot, but the color makes this okay. It would sort of blend more into my skin rather than stick out like a sore thumb.