New Art {a process}

I received two new pieces of art from Minted and I could not be any more excited! Me being me, decided to have some fun and see where I like them best. This is something I do with most pieces that I buy. I tend to buy what I LOVE and may or may not have an idea where they could go. Testing out a few places is not only fun for me, but also insures I find the most perfect spot. This time around I thought you all may like to share in my process...

TwoEllie.3.9.13 (73 of 80).jpg

This is Minted's LOVE IS YOU print in a 16x20 framed. I could not adore it anymore. We have very few photos of the Mr and I up and the ones we do have are almost a decade old. Needless to say we have changed a bit and our love is even stronger today. Cheesy I know, but I stand by it. First I tried it out in our bedroom. What you can't see is the bathroom door to the left and a closet door to the right. The table it sits over are cheap white target drawers meant for a closet, but we needed the extra storage. It is what it is. HA.

TwoEllie.3.9.13 (80 of 80).jpg

The second piece of art is CONSTELLATION as an 8x8 print framed. This is the cabinet in the dining area. I love to mix practical and pretty. Some of the decorations from KJ's birthday were still up when I took the photo, but you still get the general idea. What I do like is that when sitting at the table this pretty print is at eye level for all to gander.

TwoEllie.3.9.13 (74 of 80).jpg

Next I tried both the LOVE IS YOU and the CONSTELLATION print in our gallery wall that joins both the kiddos bedrooms and the guest bath. This space can also be viewed from the entry. 

TwoEllie.3.9.13 (76 of 80).jpg

My final spot to try was the area over the piano. If you recall this is suppose to be a bar that separates the kitchen from the living room. It was poor planning on the builders part, because it is not only ugly but also impractical at a height that only a giant can make work. To make it work for us I placed the piano underneath and now use the bar as a sort of console table. It's not amazing, but it was a free solution that I can actually stand now. All the pots normally house plants, but the others got to the point where they were ready to be planted outside and I have to restock.

So what do you think? Where should the Minted prints ultimately go? I leave the decision to you all!!!