The Process {one image}

When I help someone decorate a home my mind goes into over drive and not in a good way. Ha. After the first initial meet my mind literally soaks on it till I have a clear cut plan. This could take a mere day or much too long in my opinion. If it's a home that steers from my normal ways of decorating it could even lead to restless nights. I REALLY just want that person to LOVE it... of course. Once it "comes" to me then I can get to work without a care in the world. Am I crazy or what? Once we are at the end and that certain someone is happy as can be then it makes it all good. In most cases an image can set me straight. For a home that I am helping with now this image instantly put my mind at ease. It's so simple and doesn't show much, but I now have a plan that is currently in process. What is your decorating process? Hope it goes better than mine! Ha. Teach me your ways!!!

Image taken from The Houses of Veranda