Cheap Decorating {an update}

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KJP (6 of 6).jpg

I still get questions about my old house tour that was on houzz years ago so I finally took the time to update it with how it was redone over the last couple of years. I also realized in a recent hasty desktop cleanup I deleted a lot of our house pictures. My bad. Thanks to all you pinners I was able to recover quite a few, but I wanted an updated image for our front make shift mud room area piece that the Mr made when we moved in 6 almost 7 years ago. I could not reach the the play hat on the top that KJ threw up there a few months ago and the shoes are a mess so alas they aren't perfect, but they are real. I added a new plant friend that makes me ever so happy. Home Depot really does have a great selection. Best part is that it was only $14.00 and the basket was $12.00 from Homegoods. You can also see my thrift find umbrella stand that I found for $3.00 in her resting spot. That's a whole lot of happy bang for my buck!

You can see the Houzz update here.