Kind of Fun

Was pretty excited when one of my sisters came across this! Two Ellie on Apartment Therapy... kind of fun, right? Still have to say the fall style challenge with Home Depot is still one of my favorites to have been a part of. Oh, and don't you just love the commenter's on AT. They are such a rough group, but this time around I will let it just roll. Ha. The last time I believe I cried and almost gave up blogging. Of course that was at least 4/5 years ago so my skin has grown a tad thicker since then and YES it was worthy of a ripping a part, but at the time... Want to see my all time embarrassment? Can't believe I am showing this again, but here you go and laugh away. Let's just say I didn't quite have the execution down, funds to do it right, or had yet found "my style". It's that BAD people. Here it is today in my new home tour tab at the top {thanks to a reader for the request}. Just way way messier. Didn't want you to think I am that bad anymore! Ha.