Black & White

Black & white will never be a color combo that I will tire of. It's forever chic and for some reason never bores me. It also makes mixing and matching my wardrobe quite easy. These are some black & white pieces and images that have me inspired.


chandelier - would love to see in a high ceiling entry way or over a dining table.

wallpaper - ever so fun without being too childish for a mud room or bath.

quote - The always brilliant Ann Voskamp

bath - DOMINO is back!

rug - can't go wrong with a black and white dhurrie. Well unless you have a white dog or cat. HA.

office - my office needs a good revamping/cleaning this space has me inspired!

pots - wouldn't mind seeing this bakeware hanging out on open shelving. Maybe they even have powers to make me a good cook!

so chic - I like to think I am this effortless. HA.