Making Progress {Ellie's Room}

Step one of Ellie's bedroom make over is underway! I used LuLu DK Chant wallpaper in beige on one wall and painted the rest Sherwin Williams Dover White. keep in mind this pic was taken with my iPhone so the colors aren't all that accurate. I just wanted to share what I have been up to this week! Now I am just playing the waiting game on getting some items in. The latter items will have the color that Ellie loves so much. I am just thrilled the bright green walls are gone. Ha. There is still so much to do, but I do see an end in sight so I am quite the happy camper. If you happen to recall this post on Ellie's room from awhile back, it has changed a bit. I bought this sweet headboard, and the bedding from the other post, but Ellie decided she rather keep her big bed. Needless to say I will be selling the other items since they are meant for a twin bed that we won't be using. I will also have some lamps that I no longer have a home for so if you are interested you could have the basics for a great little girls room if you are a local.