Organizing {a desktop idea}

This summer has been flying by and I have been enjoying it thoroughly. So much so blogging has taken an obvious back burner. I do plan on blogging regularly again once the kiddos are in school on the 22nd. Any work that must be done on the computer has been dedicated to the shop and KJP. This past weekend I realized how far behind I have fallen in deep cleaning the house. The Mr. took the kiddos on a long hike and I tackled every room. Cleaning out from under all the furniture, vacuuming everything down to curtains, and dusted even the walls. I swear this house attracts dust like no other which is awful for our families severe allergies which is also why a regular deep cleaning is a must for us. Any thoughts on how to reduce the dust??? Anyhoo, yesterday as I sat down to blog for the week I got caught up in the need to organize the desktop. Visually it was overwhelming. I really wish I had a before image. I came across this fabulous desktop organizing idea on Rylee Hitchner's instagram page and that very idea came from Brooke Boling apparently. It is such a good idea that I wanted to share it here as well. I ran with the idea and made it work for us in ILLUSTRATOR. I really hope it helps keep me on task. Needless to say my plan of creating a week worth of posts did not happen. Oh well.