Mixing It Up {a local home}

I thought it was about time to bring back my obsession with real estate listings. Ha. This one does not disappoint. Great design and well edited. A beautiful home to say the least.

The mix of antiques, modern pieces, classic lines, and a simple palette shows how different eras can look cohesive in the same space.

The TV room looks cozy and the built in bookshelves that span the whole wall is quite gorgeous.

The kitchen is one amazing space. Again it mixes modern touches within a traditional palette. The fabric lined cabinet is a favorite in my book as is the vintage basket that sits ever so perfectly within the island. The simplest of details can make a room really stand out. 

The master looks as if it is in a tree house. Again the serene palette is kept interesting with the layering of textures.

The little canopies are just too sweet. I know my Ellie would adore it! I also think it could make for an easy DIY. Maybe I should give it a go!

 *This home is listed for $850,000 in a desirable area of town. Six bedrooms and six baths makes for one heck of a house. As always if you are interested in this home contact me and I will send you the listing agents info. Also if this is your absolutely stunning home and would rather have it not shared then I will remove it immediately.