Gardening in Process

Saturday we spent the best part of the day in my front garden. I thought I would share the progression even though I have yet to have an amazing 'after' shot. That won't happen till it all fills in and becomes full, but that takes time. This is not exactly a before shot, but it slipped my mind to get a true one. There were a few gardenias that were poorly planted by the builder years ago. They were not doing so well and were in a silly spot to begin with so out they went...

Then the Mr. and I amended the soil till our backs ached. I added perennials and transplanted my lambs ear that will also look good and add color all year round. I stuck to simple color story of blue's, purples, and varying shades of green. I do have two roses though that add a dash of peach.

Next we plan on taking out the cypress, which was also recommended by our landscape designer, in order to open up the front of the house.

I can't wait for the day that I go outside and it looks lush like the image in my last post. Really hoping that's sooner than later. ha.

Still on the agenda...

- Trim the cypress to the left of the house.

- Once the boxwoods are large enough they will be shaped into a hedge.

- Add a jasmine to  the current vine to get some more evergreen color along the porch. The one currently there dies back in winter.

- I eventually want to do away with the ring around the oak. May do a ground cover or just get some sod to fill it in.

- Possibly add a porch swing.

- I have also considered painting the front door, simply because it is so dark back there. I will wait though to see how much of a difference the light will make once I remove that tree.

- Add a new mailbox. This one has about had it.