Indian Summer with Chance

As I admired Katie's new blog design by Gagabout I instantly fell in love with her post featuring Chance. It was so good I knew I had to see more. I have always loved Chance striped tees, I do have a slight addiction to stripes after all, but I had no idea they featured such beautiful imagery. Photos that evoke the feeling of wanting to be that girl, at that party, eat that wonderful meal, etc. makes me swoon to new heights. Chance happens to do this well, very well, so for today I want to be that girl exploring the countryside with a tall glass of lemonade taking in the wonders of the world.

On that note I also wouldn't mind being Marylynn Piotrowski, former model and shop owner, for a day or at the very least lounge in that very hammock. Does she not look so fresh faced, laid back, and chic?

Images 1-4 from Chance photographed by Jody Rogac

Final photo taken at her shop Tauk by Reagan Glazner