Pretty {a local home}

It has been much too long since I have featured a home from our local real estate listings. Too be honest since we decided it was not a possibility for us to move I HAD to move away from my daily real estate searches in order to stay away from any temptation or envy. Now that I am completely settled back into the idea of staying here for years to come it is now safe for my stalking to continue. Of course I do it only for you all. Ha. It took me much too long to find one for me to feature though and this used to not be the case. There is not a shortage of gorgeous homes in the area, but there is a shortage of decent photos. I would think if I were a real estate agent I would take the time or hire out in order to get photos that would grab my attention and make me want to live there. That may be just me though. When I was about to give up I came across this pretty Mountain Brook home. The main house in a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath with a carriage house that has another bedroom and additional bath...

I adore the natural light that room gets through the gorgeous French doors. The ceilings are quite the statement maker themselves. You know I adore a rustic, layered, almost natural feeling home, but lately I have been drawn to simply pretty spaces. This one fits that bill perfectly. It has been so tastefully done.

Dividing a room that may be an awkward shape with furniture is a great way to make a space feel cohesive. This one was done well and that little desk would make a great spot to have tea and read a good book or have the kiddos study.

I adore the way they filtered the sunroom light through sheer panels. It still makes the outside seen but also makes the room fit to be used as a place to view TV. A family room of sorts.

Again you see a tad of the gorgeous ceilings in the dining room. I love the simplicity of this space.

The kitchen is rather nice too. Nothing too out of the ordinary for this type house, but the large window over the sink would be great for bird watching and growing herbs. The huge subzero fridge would also house enough food to feed the masses. I love how they made this space pretty as well with the white plates, antique chair, green jug, and the rug that I wouldn't mind having myself.

The master seems so peaceful. The extra study is most definitely a bonus. I think I would use it as a home office. A fireplace makes this place feel like a retreat.

I assume this is the master bath and it looks as such. Plenty of storage, white marble, and room to lounge. I would love to have seen the bath/shower in this space.

Looks like this house is full of girls. Here are two of the three girls bedrooms. Are they not lovely? I could easily see the spaces working for a young girl all the way to a college age women. They are quite timeless just like the rest of the home.

This home is listed for $779,000 and as always if you are interested I will get you in touch with the listing agent. Just send me an email.