Happy Thoughts

This past week the kiddos and I have been quite under the weather. I truly am such a baby when I become ill with a cold, but as you know I could not just stop being a momma. We watched way too many movies, can't recall making a single wholesome meal and the house became an absolute wreck. Rather than focus on all the negative though I will share a few of my happy moments as of late...

- Both the kiddos learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels. What a scary thing to learn, but both of them were brave and did a spectacular job. The Mr was the one to thank with this process. I just stood on the sidelines and cheered my heart out.

- The kiddos are at the age where chapter books are riveting. I have read till my throat screamed in pain both the Bobbsey Twins and The Secret Garden thus far. My favorite part is hearing what they thought of the reading. I can see their little imaginations going wild!

- Ellie did a school project on peacocks. It reminded me of all the school projects I did with my father. It was so much fun seeing how excited she got about the whole process even though she has double ear infections and a fever that is tough to kick.

- Before I this cold I went running TWICE! This is such an accomplishment for me since my year of ailments. It was only a mile and I did walk a tad and my lungs agonized afterwards, but I still did it! I take this as a new beginning to a better self.

- KJ has started calling Ellie, Elle. It really is the cutest thing. So grown up.


Also I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you all for the input on my wall colors. I love to know everyone's thought's and it seems it was an unanimous decision to keep the greige trim. Needless to say it will stay.