Painting {opinions please}

I finally started one of the final house projects on my list for this year, painting the house. It took me much too long to find a paint color I would want throughout all the main living areas. I settled on Sherwin Williams Creamy after deciding a pure white would not work in my humble abode. My first plan was to paint EVERYTHING this creamy color, but after seeing last months House & Garden I decided to try out keeping the trim dark.

I LOVED everything about this home feature especially the paint colors. I am honestly on the fence on what I think about it in my own home. I feel the contrast might be too jarring. The paint they used has a little more greige undertones than mine, but it's close-ish. I could lighten the trim a couple of shades which sounds like so much work, paint it out cream like my original plan, or keep it as is. Maybe once I put everything back in and add my many layers of decor it will give me the feel I so adore about the House & Garden home. What are your thoughts? For now I am at a stand still on painting till I make a decision. Oh, and I can't tell you how happy I am to get rid of the paint that was there. Although nice, I never liked the yellow undertones it cast during certain times of day. I am sure some of you will like the old color better, but I am in dire need of a change and the old paint is a mess after all these years. All my favorite homes that I see are light and bright so I decided to give it a go.