A Lake House by Bill Ingram

Bill Ingram is one of my all time favorite architects. I know I have featured his work here before. His aesthetic is right up my alley. I was quite thrilled when I came across a lake house in the real estate listings that was designed by him. This home has since sold. It was listed for $995,000.

The cedar shake roofing, the windows, the shutters, even the colors could not be any more perfect in my opinion.

I adore the staircase. See the beams peeking out in back? Amazing. I also love how the staircase is dividing the space without closing it off.

This is an open floor plan that I would love to have.

The kitchen doesn't feel like a kitchen which I love especially since it is open to the whole house. Of course the use of wood for the island is nothing short of stunning. Green is also one color that I could never grow weary of.

I am not sure who did the interiors. Whoever did though most definitely made an average bunk room look top notch which a simple color scheme and great accents. The fabrics look like John Robshaw to me.

You know my adoration for screened in porches this one is gorgeous as well. That fireplace would be roaring all winter long if it were up to me.

I mean really? How gorgeous could it be.