In the Midst of Decorating {our home}

2.22.12home copy2.jpg
2.22.12home-3 2.jpg

I have been working hard to pull our house back together. I am not one who tolerates unfinished projects very well. Chaos is not my friend to say the least. Here are a few more projects that have been checked off my never ending list. The hole above the mantel is where the TV used to rest. We rarely used it and it now is in what we call the movie room. I didn't want to permanently fill in the hole since one day I am sure we will move and the next owners may want this space. I have obsessed over the log look for awhile now and was excited to be able to incorporate it into our own home. New lamps and lighting have been installed. The architectural lamp I found at Scott's in Atlanta and the black shades in both images are from High Street Market. I ADORE them! The pendent is from Restoration Hardware. The new movie room may be my favorite. I painted it dark and we use it all the time. Everything is still a work in process, but it is coming along.