Well Done {citizens of humanity}

I was more than excited when Citizens of Humanity released their new site. Amy Williams, whom I have befriended on twitter, is part of this amazing team. The President actually. Who knew? She is humble as can be and honestly I had no idea until the last few weeks. The site reads more like a well thought out newspaper or magazine rather than an average place to shop. The styling is impeccable and of course the goods have always been one of my favorites. Amy is an inspiration. She is a mother to 5 and grasps life with open arms and seems to make the best of all circumstances. She has a sort of grace about her. Part of the Citizens of Humanity philosophy is to create a culture that focuses on creativity and inspiration. I believe they embody this completely within the team and now the site. Well done...

It really is a fun site to explore, I got lost in it over the weekend... Citizens of Humanity.


{last images within the pink are by Peggy Wong}