Unity among Mourning {getting real}

This little blog I started years ago has been reserved for all things inspiring, pretty, and little bit of personal. I try not to dwell on the mishaps of life and most definitely have set aside any political values I may have. Of course though I could never put my true hope of my savior Jesus under wraps. HE is my all and that I will not keep quiet on. As I am sure you all know by now the life altering tragedy that happened on Friday in a CT elementary school. My heart broke the instant I heard the news. I wept as many of you all did I am sure. Honestly I still weep and hope the day never comes where I stop. I never want to be hardened to the tragedies of this world, to others pain and sorrows, I simply never want to become numb which I know can be so easy with the comfortable life I have. I have FULL FAITH that all the children of that day are having a blast in Heaven and that is my true joy, but I hurt for the parents, siblings, family, friends, and all those who had to go through that day. We will never understand why that happened even though I so desperately want to wrap my brain around it so we can be sure it never happens again. Our schools should be safe. I mourn for those who were directly affected by that day and pray for a peace that overcomes all. What broke my heart further on that very day was all the "politics" that came forth before we even knew the names of the children and adults. My facebook, twitter feed and the media were heavily bombarded with thoughts on pro gun/anti gun/ whether God was there that day or if He left them there alone / etc, etc. No matter where each of us stand on certain "issues", to say it nicely, I am sure we all had a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs by the words that were expressed so matter of factly. I am sure we all have opinions and thoughts. I know I do, strong ones at that, but maybe just maybe for this moment if we all took the path of showing our love, compassion, and sorrow for those that are hurting FIRST then maybe this sad world would have hope rather than the discord it now beholds. I am sure many of you may wonder if my thinking is too small, but I truly do believe the only way we will see real change is through the eyes of loving one another no matter our differences rather than hate and discomfort. We as the people of this world will never see eye to eye on all issues. Everyone will always think they are right as the other side is wrong. I know one day I will rejoice in Heaven as I will witness the love of all that I so desperately want to see here in today's world. I just wish we could have had it for a moment on that Friday. As the Mr tried to comfort me, as I was quite the mess, he assured me people were just trying to have understanding of what just happened and want to fix it. That I do understand, but in my heart and soul I would have rather had a uniting of all. The Presidential race was bad enough to make me question my social media presence, I cried then over all the hatred that was spewed during that time too. I am sure most of you feel the way I do, I believe my readers at least the many I have slowly gotten to know and meet, have good hearts who's main goal in life is to do the very best for our children, families, and friends. I ask that today we all join together to show a true love towards someone whether we know them or not in the name of those not only that lost their lives on Friday, but those who have lost mothers, fathers, children, friends, and family due to the ugly in this world. People are hurting, I know how many readers I have, we CAN make a difference in someone's life today. Will you join me?

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2