Styling for B-Metro {hiphip hooray}

Sorry for my absence, I have been working! I am so not sure how working and single moms do it, but that's for another post. Yet when people ask what I do I can't quite pin it down since its all over the place so I tend to say I am a stay at home mom. I suppose that is where my heart is anyhow. Again for another blog post. One of my new found loves is styling! I have always wanted to give it a go, but was never sure how to get started. Thankfully Graham Yelton contacted me wondering if I knew of any homes that would fit into her newish gig, one of many by the way, as B-Metros home feature editor and photographer. I am sure you remember years ago when I featured her home. She has since remolded/added on/etc. Anyhoo I knew the perfect house to recommend. One of my besties Rachel who built this custom home a few years ago and has been decorating little by little over the years. She seriously has talent even though she is so modest about it. After discussing with Graham a bit we thought it would make for a fab Christmas feature and she asked me to come in as stylist. She gave me her vision and I went to town. Here it is in all her glory...


I am pretty sure Rachel is going to kill me for putting up the above photo, but she does look gorgeous. As for behind the scenes, Rachel decorates for Christmas in a whole other way. It's over the top fun, whimsical, bright, and I love it. For the feature though they wanted her house to stand out and not be swallowed by the Christmas set up hence the muted/rustic look. I am going to share Rachel's true decor soon though. It is AMAZING!!!!

So this project could not of happened without Rachel and Layne who kindly allowed me to take over their home for a few days, Kelli of Retore Interiors who literally let us use her whole shop and personal home items, along with her time and mad bow making skills to allow my vision to come to life, and of course Graham who gave me the chance to come in on this project. I seriously had so much fun!!! Styling is not for the faint of heart though, wow, it's hard work.

You can read the full article here on B-Metro.