Tis the Season {around the house}

Last weekend we set up for Christmas and have been elated ever since. I just adore this season. I thought I would share a little tour through our humble abode. It also may be the first time I have shared the little redesign of our home that I began last year once we decided this will be a longer term home than we thought. I will give a proper tour later, but for now Christmas will have to do...

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (11 of 41) copy copy7.jpg

I made this wreath and I am rather proud of myself. I also made the mailbox swag for that matter. The urns are from fall. They are going strong so they will remain even if the yellow isn't really tis the season.

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (39 of 41).jpg
TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (11 of 41) copy8.jpg
TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (29 of 41).jpg

The entry I kept rather simple. The hydrangeas should last through Christmas and will then be planted outside. They do well in low light.

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (11 of 41) copy copy6.jpg
TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (10 of 41).jpg

The nativity set we received at our wedding. I still get so excited pulling it out every year although Ellie and KJ have taken over the set up.

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (11 of 41) copy copy2.jpg
TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (11 of 41) copy.jpg

The pup. I thought he was looking rather cute on his pillow. He needs a bow though. I am so sure he will love that. Ha.

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (8 of 41).jpg
TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (11 of 41) copy copy3.jpg

This year I did a "pretty tree". I had all the ornaments needed thanks to The Home Depot Holiday Challenge. I must say though I miss my big gaudy tree. No worries though, we have two more that filled in the tackiness that was needed. (I did take down The Home Depot Challenge Decor. October was a little soon. It also inspired me to mix it up a little. All pieces still used just in new ways}

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (13 of 41).jpg

The fur pillow is a favorite winter detail that I added to my current array of pillows.

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (19 of 41).jpg

The trees I have collected over the years and this year I had enough to clump all together.

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (20 of 41).jpg
TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (11 of 41) copy copy4.jpg

Now this is my favorite tree! The actual tree is from Home Depot and we added all our krinkle and homemade ornaments. Every year since the children were born I buy them a Krinkle. My hopes is one day when they move off and have their own tree they will have a head start in ornaments. If they happen to hate them and want a "pretty" tree then I am sure my grand babies will love it. Ha.

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (35 of 41).jpg

The living room was obviously done in neutrals and the dining room we decided to go fun. The hanging middle ornament below was one of three really nice, maybe too nice ornaments we got from our wedding. This is the only one left. She is treasured.

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (11 of 41) copy copy5.jpg
TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (36 of 41).jpg
TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (1 of 41).jpg

The movie room we went red! Kj's favorite new color. He was ever so proud of the way he hung the ornaments on the tree. The tree itself was inspired by a dear friend who has the most fabulous trees ever. They are bundles of fun. Maybe she will let me share!

TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (11 of 41) copy copy.jpg
TwoEllie.ChristmasDecor.12 (3 of 41).jpg

The nutcrackers are a small collection started by my grandmother when I was young. I think it is time to add add to the collection although I am pretty sure my mother must have more in her house somewhere. 

*Starting next week I will be doing a little holiday series featuring some great talent I know in order to get ready for Christmas. Today I am out and about with Brooke from BK Wed prepping for some rather spectacular florals for the dining table!