The Gift Guide {Ellie & KJ}

This year the kiddos have very short "wish list" for Christmas. Almost too short. As you know we are not ones to go over board. We keep it simple and they seem to have adopted that idea as well. Just a few gifts under the tree then stockings that over flows is how we roll. Ha. Thought I would share what is on Ellie's and Kj's list this year...

KJ has only three things on his list this year, besides the big lego set which my mother is getting him. The MUST was a fish. I found this fish house and Ellie assured me that he would love it. He also asked for a car road rug and a bow and arrow set. That is all!!! Crazy. The bow and arrow set was harder to find. The closest thing that I found was the one from brave. After over analyzing it I decided that it did not look girl specific. I will just unpackage it and KJ will be none the wiser I hope. I really thought I would have had more choices. Hope it's a good one once it arrives. I thought a few stocking stuffers that would be fun are tattly tattoos, road signs for his new rug, and the dinasour shadow puppets. I have yet to decide what else to give, but I am sure more matchbox cars and the like will be added.

Ellie had only one thing on her wish list and that was an American Doll. She wanted Julie. We thought we add to her collection of LEGO Friends dolls with this cute little dog show set. She also has a love for cooking and baking so she will get her own little set and an apron to top it all off. She too will get tattly tattoos and shadow puppets. I am sure I will add something to her wardrobe and hair bows galore. Have any other ideas?

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