Antiques in the Garden {also where I met Bill Ingram}

I have said it before and will say it again, why did I not use our good camera? The IPhone yet fab just does not compare. I did just get the IPhone 5, maybe it will better. Anyhow on Friday I went to the annual Antiques in the Garden show at The Botanical Gardens. This year was a bit different as they had tastemaker booths designed by local masterminds in design and architecture. All in which a have been published over and over. The highlight for me was to meet and chat/gush with Bill Ingram. As you all know he is an all time favorite of mine and have posted his work over and over. He was as kind as can be and did not make me feel a fool when I asked for a photo. His booth was amazing to say the least.

Oh yes, I threw in another pic just so you know how excited I really was and to show off his dapper style.

In Kitty White's booth I saw a plethora of painted fabrics and rugs. The detail was exquisite...

Throughout the show were stunning flower arrangement. This one stood out to me for some reason. Perfect for fall I would say. On the right was Tammy Connor's booth. She had an amazing array of lighting. The custom lighting was beautiful and I managed to snag the one on the right.  It will go in my entry and I will share as soon as it's up. I believe it will add the touch of color that my home needs. She and her team were sweet as can be.

Mary Evelyn Mckee also took the time to chat and was quite kind. The whole booth was quite dazzling but her attention to details was what striked me. You really could purchase the booth as is and move it straight into your home.

Ware M. Porter also had a space move in ready. It was right up my alley. He used color brilliantly without it feeling overwhelming. It was a very young twist on traditional style which you know I adore.

These are just a couple of pieces that stood out to me while meandering around. Are they not divine?

Needless to say I had a wonderful day spent with good girlfriends. Can't wait to see what they come up with next year! Maybe a bloggers take on design, ha. I wish.