The Laundry Room {inspiration board + process}

The last project I have for inside the house is to makeover the laundry room. It is the most awkward space. It not only serves as a tiny laundry room, but also the walk through from the house to garage. I really can not express to you how tight it is especially since both doors swing into the already tiny room. One day I hope to change out the door that leads into the house into two smaller double doors that swing outward, but it's just not in the budget as of right now. I may try taking the door down for now and possibly using NICE curtains to cover the doorway if I can accomplish it without it looking too awful. We shall see. Above is the inspiration board for the space. The walls are already painted anew gray by Sherwin Williams and I still like it so it will remain. I will then take the one wire rack in the room, which I can't even reach, down and replace them with three wooden shelves with corbels. I plan to paint them Home Depot's Yolo Paint in Thrive. The shelves will begin just above where the washer and dryer begin. That way I will be able to at least reach one shelf. Ha. I rod will also be mounted so I can hang clothes as I go. The top shelf will house some gorgeous baskets I found at HomeGoods and store my crazy amount of fabrics. The shelves will also hold my bulk buys of Mrs. Meyers. I love the idea that Ana White made out of plywood and laundry baskets. If I can make it fit between the two units, I want to build something similar with three "drawers" to store all the folded laundry as I go. I can then bringthe baskets to the designated room once all the laundry has been completed and unload. Of course I will design it to fit our space better. Without having one of the doors in the way I would then have space to hang a drying rack and large ironing board. I am giddy with the prospect. Of course they will not fit in the laundry room open, but I can bring them into the large hall on laundry day. To top it all off a print from Old Try will make an appearance to cover the unsightly water supply valve thing. I believe this one would make me have a continual good attitude. Anyhoo, that is my process and plan for the laundry room. Hoping to accomplish it ASAP!

Basket | Corbel | Storage Idea | Yolo paint from Home Depot | Mrs. Meyers | Old Try Print | Ikea Drying Rack