Ellie's Bedroom

Ellie's room is finally done. Yesterday we spent some time adding more storage in her closet to unclutter her space even more. A spot for everything is so my motto. I must say I am so happy the bright green is gone, but I did add tons of color in other ways so Ellie would be happy. As she gets older it will be easy to change out bedding and accessories to fit her ever changing tastes. I used Lulu DK chant wallpaper in beige that bought from One Kings Lane awhile back. The walls were painted Sherwin Williams Dover White.  My big splurge was Ellie's bedding. The duvet is from Serena & Lily. She was head over heels when she saw it. The polka dot pillow cases are Kate Spade found at Home Goods.

TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (27 of 31).jpg
TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (3 of 31) copy4.jpg
TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (8 of 31).jpg

I had some left over candle sconces from a job I did so I used them in here to ground the girlie space. Instead of candles I added air plants to keep it safe. The Ellie drawing was done by the fabulous Mandii of Laughter & Snow.

TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (21 of 31).jpg

The rug came from Home Goods and it matched the space perfectly. Wish it were bigger, but it is what it is.

TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (30 of 31).jpg

Of course I am still love with the Sophie & Lili art and custom mats created by Ellie.

TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (3 of 31) copy3.jpg

The fabric I received from Shannon of the Designer's Attic. I then recovered the antique chair myself.

TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (13 of 31).jpg

This light was bought from a local shop AT HOME while out shopping with Marianne. I love how unintentionally the pattern in the fixture matches the wallpaper.

TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (3 of 31).jpg

The books were bought from Barnes & Noble. Every night we read a few chapters of a book. These should keep us busy for quite some time.

TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (3 of 31) copy copy.jpg

The bookshelf was from Home Goods, but was a bright blue. My sweet sister helped me paint it gold. The mirror was from there too and I hung it by a rope myself. The white baskets are Serena & Lily.

TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (22 of 31).jpg
TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (3 of 31) copy copy2.jpg
TwoEllie_ElliesBedroom_10.15.12 (20 of 31).jpg

The baskets are from Home Goods too. Ha. It seems Home Goods has been having a few goods months.

Let me know if you want any other info. Most things though are things I have collected over the years., but I love tho share!