Building a Room {girls room}

My Ellie loves color, pattern, and rooms with lots of personality. She dresses with sparkle and the only time she wears pants is to ride horses. Last year I combined Ellie and KJ's rooms. One is the place to sleep and the other is a playroom. Well, now that the kiddos are another year older the time has come to give them each their own space again. I will wait till summer, but I am going to slowly collect items for each room and do a big install at the end. This room from John Robshaw's shop is our working inspiration. This particular room is way out of our budget, but it does have the feel we are looking for.

This is our room on bit more of a budget...

Ellie's main request was to use mostly pinks and purples. This duvet and sheeting made for a great starting point. The Groundworks fabric from the Designer's Attic will make a small boudoir pillow for the bed. The pink herringbone fabric was chosen specifically by Ellie. I think it will become a bench for the end of her bed. The great floral will be curtains and maybe a euro or an upholstered headboard. Ellie is downsizing to a twin bed so I am still debating whether to do an upholstered headboard or something else. The chandy I found locally for a great price while out with Marianne. She actually had it saved for a client, but thankfully her client wasn't set on it so she let me get it! The gray dresser is currently in my room, but I am hoping to upgrade to something more grown up in size and the vanity is in the entry, but will move into Ellie's room too. They are both pieces from my childhood. Her walls will be white since she changes her mind so much in the decor department. Wonder where she gets that from? Ha. The other details I am sure will fall into place as time goes on, but at least we a starting place. Yeah!

sources: duvet, sheeting, groundworks, pink + floral fabric