Creating a Sofa

When I first think of a twin size mattress used as a sofa I think of college dorm room, but the images above have me singing a new tune. I know I mentioned changing around a few things in our home yesterday. Well, one of those things is to make our sunroom (currently our dining room) into more of a lounge area. It will be painted BM sparrow and house the piano and eventually a tv. Of course all the changes I am planning to do to the home will take some time and money saving. I was planning on purchasing a deep sofa for that space, but now I am wondering if recreating one of these looks to be a great alternative for the time being and I will then have the cash to buy a few other things I am wanting. I think the key would be to have a well fitting cover for the mattress and really nice pillows. I have some gorgeous fabrics just waiting to be used. What do all think? The room will be used for mostly family movie watching, a place for the kiddos to hang when we have guests and a make shift guest room. I really would love to know your thoughts!!!!